The Leazer Group Inc. was founded and developed by agents who have earned financial success and recognition, but also understand that without a system in place that failure is all too real. We have transitioned our company to focus on organic sales growth and team building. Our company’s commitment to our independent agents is to have a singular focus on becoming profitable which is obtained through personal sales and or creating a residual income by building a team.

We specialize in two primary markets (mortgage life insurance and the senior market) and our agents have a concentrated focus on mortgage protection, final expense, annuities and indexed universal life products. This thoughtful combination of financial products serves the needs our diverse clients and enables our agents to create a dependable source of income. We have a systematic way of selling insurance so that our agents can simply duplicate a winning formula without reinventing the wheel.

Whether you are an experienced Life Agent, Sales Person, Recent College Graduate, or you’re looking for a part time opportunity, you owe it to yourself to be a part of the nation’s most creative and effective marketing platform that only has your best interest in mind and that’s ISSUED PAID PREMIUM!!!. A partnership with The LeazerGroup offers benefits that are unparallel in the financial services.

TLG provides:

  • The Best Compensation in the Industry, with Performance Based Increases!
  • Superior training utilizing selling system that has been validated by a plethora of agents across the nation
  • Daily and weekly support that consist of conference calls, webinars, local training and annual sales and leadership conferences
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule that gives you the ability to work part time or full time and creating a life work balance
  • We provide access to REAL time leads and customized direct mailings for ALL agents so that your time energy and effort is focused on sales and not endless prospecting.
  • We have protected territories so that our agents can have a continual flow of leads thus creating an environment of loyalty and trust.