I’m a former United States Marine who got out and faced massive adversity. Started in the insurance industry with several other IMOs before TLG, gave me the perspective I needed to know what the best IMO should look like. The reason I chose and why I love TLG is it starts at the top and the leadership. Being a marine you are only as good as your commandant. Art Leazer is a CEO that loves his agents and will do anything for them, on and off the field to ensure their success. The system that he created has allowed me to put my finances back together and afforded me a life I could only dream of. I was at rock bottom when started at TLG and now I have a beautiful home that I share with my wife and kids, nice (safe) cars to drive and I can provide for them a life that I was never able to do before TLG and Art Leazer.

The best part is, that it’s not just my family’s lives that have been blessed by TLG but now I can help other people achieve the same success and pay it forward and that’s something really special. 

MR. Nick Horner

National Agency Manager


I have been with the Leazer Group since September of 2015.  When I made the decision to attend my first conference, I didn’t realize I was making a choice that would change my life forever.  I came from another IMO where we were promised things that did not happen.  The Leazer Group actually follows their stated values.
The culture of the company is that of family.  We lift each other up and the support and training you get is second to none.  What could be better than helping protect families from loosing their home and in turn make a very profitable living for yourself?

MS. Nancy Ross

Agency Leader and 2017 Top Producer

Before joining The Leazer Group, I was working an hourly wage labor job that gave little opportunity for growth or financial advancement. When I discovered TLG, I was blown away by the in-depth training and innovative lead system. The positive culture and dynamic systems in place accelerated my growth financially and personally. These tools allowed me to become a successful agent in a short period of time. This was the opportunity I was looking for, and I’m thankful I jumped on board. It feels good to be part of the Insurance IMO that is changing the status quo.

MR. Josh Harris

Agency Leader & 2017 Top Producer

Have you been debating making a change in your current sales career? Perhaps you’ve always been customer-oriented–never offically working in a sales role–but know that you/re ready to step up your game. Then rest assured that these fine agents have been in your shoes and took the leap with no regrets. Join our team and visually the difference you can make.